Consider Buying a Used Car at Windward Ford of Hawaii

If you are eager to get into a vehicle that is new to you, but do not want to spend too much on that vehicle, then it might be smart for you to consider purchasing a pre-owned model. Our staff members at Windward Ford of Hawaii are here to help you decide on a used car from our diverse selection of makes and models!

All of the cars that we have for sale are ready for the road. We have a variety of vehicle options open to you, and we will help you decide on the one that will allow…

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Get More Peace of Mind with GAP Insurance

When purchasing a car, new or used, insurance coverage is a part of the transaction. GAP Insurance, short for Guaranteed Auto Protection, may be an option you will want to consider. If you have an accident and have total damage to your car, collision insurance will cover the fair market value of the car, but that may be less than you owe. GAP insurance will cover the amount left owed on the car after your collision insurance has paid.


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Categories: , , Relishes in Raucous 2017 Ford Focus RS

What has five doors, four wheels and one of the most ludicrously muscular engines to ever grace its segment?

... Give up?

Why, none other than Ford's hot hatchback, the 2017 Focus RS, that's what! Check the clip below to hear all about it from Road Test Editor Dan Ilika:

So, about that engine ...

Joining with a six-speed automatic transmission, this turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder boasts a bananas 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. Standard fare includes all-wheel drive.

We're fond of its fuel economy, too, as the Focus RS is estimated to achieve 22…

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How to Take Bumper Stickers Off Your Car Safely

Did you just buy a used car off someone with too many touristy bumper stickers on it? Or you're prepping your own sticker-heavy tailgate for sale, and want it to look clean? Whatever your reason for getting to get a sticker off of your vehicle's bumper, it's a quick and paint-safe process when you follow these steps:

  • Wash the area first to prevent any mud or grit from scratching the paint.
  • Use a hair dryer to warm up the sticker. Keep the hair dryer moving so the paint doesn't get too hot in a concentrated area…
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Take the Time to Enjoy Life in a New Ford Model

In our recent blog post we sang the praises of the upcoming 2018 Ford Fiesta ST, which is expected to offer many exciting upgrades to the current model. Today, we’re excited to announce some rumored upgrades to the current model year Ford Focus ST for 2018, though we don’t have much to formally speak on. What we did hear is that the 2018 Focus ST is expected to get a boost in its engine to deliver more horsepower than its current offering of 252 horsepower.

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2017 Ford Mustang Earns Strong Marks from carwow Team

If you're searching for a sports car for your next daily driver, please allow your chums here at Windward Ford of Hawaii to make a friendly recommendation:

Give the 2017 Mustang a try. This is one whip that's sure to tick just about every box on your short list.

Wondering what those boxes might be? Then, join carwow critic Mat Watson in the clip below. He's here to explain everything:

While not quite as brawny as the top-tier trims, the base Mustang is nevertheless a beast.

Motivated by a 3.7-liter V6, the entry-level iteration makes a…

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Cruise the Island With an Exciting Ford Model

Whether you’re hitting the Farmers Market or hitting one of the beautiful beaches in Kailua, HI, there is a car, truck, or SUV in our new Ford model inventory that is right for you and your budget. Take the Ford Fiesta for example: it is available as a hatchback that affords the versatility to suit many drivers.

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The 2017 Ford Fusion Has Options Like You Wouldn't Believe

400 × 300
Top-notch fuel economy and impressive power, the 2017 Ford Fusion is a clear winner. The sleek exterior vibe flows through to the comfortable interior cabin. A bold frame accentuates the hexagonal grille and sculpted lines. Distinct and stylish, you’re guaranteed to turn heads in the 2017 Ford Fusion.  Engineered with customization in mind, this five-passenger sedan leaves nothing to be desired. A choice of twelve trims including four Hybrid models, and the luxury Fusion Energi Platinum.

575 × 100
Check out our Fusion inventory at Windward Ford in Kailua at 725 Kailua Rd or call 808-266-7000
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Avoiding Road Trip Trouble

How can you avoid road trip trouble? It's easy to think of hopping in your car and steering away toward your destination. You might want to just pick a spot on the map and go for it. It's the little spontaneous things that provide great adventure.

You don't want to have the type of adventure that involves sitting and waiting. Your car could potentially break down. This could leave you waiting for a tow truck. It's not something anyone wants to do.

Your job on the road trip is to have fun. You can avoid trouble…
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Some Info about Car Washing

Car washing is an activity that could help keep a vehicle looking nice. Another reason for car washing is to help keep the car’s paint from becoming damaged. If a car is not washed for a long period of time, dirt could damage the car’s paint by scratching the paint or causing the paint to fade. When paint comes off a car, the car’s metal could become exposed to moisture. If unpainted metal gets wet, the metal could get rusty, which could cause the metal to become damaged. Rust on a car’s metal could result in…
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