The Ford Expedition is a popular full-size SUV that features 10-speed automatic transmission and independent rear suspension. It provides a comfortable ride with great performance. Two key performance features of the Ford Expedition are continuously controlled damping (CCD) and electronic limited-slip differential.

Continuously controlled damping gives you greater control on the road. It uses electronic sensors to monitor 46 motions of your vehicle. You can choose from three settings: sport, comfort, and normal. Electronic limited-slip differential also increases performance and control. It reduces wheelslip on icy, muddy, or wet roads. The mechanism works on any unstable road condition to improve your stability.

Continuously controlled damping and electronic limited-slip differential are two performance features that help improve the driving experience of the Ford Expedition. You feel safer on the road as well since these features monitor motions and decrease wheelslip. Test drive the full-size SUV at Windward Ford of Hawaii.

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